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Here at Marktech we run our service department based on a strong philosophy called ACE Service. This is not just some fancy logo we developed but a policy and procedure to ensure that we provide the best possible service to you and your automotive shop.

Why would you want to buy a nice new shiny piece of equipment only to have it not properly supported after the sale? We are both a service and sales company so we know that service is one of, if not the key component to any quality sales transaction. We will indeed provide you with quality equipment but we will also follow that up with even better service and support. We feature a customer service department staffed by people who know that your support needs are paramount, they will create work-orders and follow them through to completion by our service department.

Anybody can twist a wrench but here at Marktech we do more than just that. As a part of our ACE Service commitment we ensure that everything we work on, we truly know it inside and out. We are factory trained and factory authorized for our core product lines; what this means to you is that you are hiring the best out there and that our direct factory ties will mean no run-around, no delays and no costly mistakes. We have the training and continually upgarade annually, we have the parts, the experience and the factory support that nobody else has. When you have one of our products, you have our service backup guarantee as well.

At Marktech we know the little things can sometimes make the biggest differences so check us out today by contacting us and experience the ACE Service commitment yourself first hand. From start to finish you will clearly see that we are here to best serve your shop day in and day out.
Marktech has a strong belief for its sales department and we call that the Sales Your Way rule. If you are looking to purchase new shop equipment then you will want to contact Marktech today as we offer the best solutions for your shop equipment needs. We will take the time to speak with you to obtain your specific requirements, to help you analyze those needs and suggest products to you based on those needs. Here at Marktech we are not interested in selling you the menu item of the day, we'd rather work with you to make sure that you actually get what you need and not simply what we want to sell that day. Be in control of the sale, contact us today. Your equipment purchase is the beginning of a long relationship with your chosen sales and service centre, you owe it to yourself to work with Marktech knowing that your needs are at the forefront of our business relationship with you.

We realize that things can sometimes get rather hectic within today's auto shop businesses, as a result your shop equipment does not always get the regular care and maintenance that perhaps it should. We also realize that many things in the Maritimes are very cyclical so various pieces of shop equipment can sit for months without use then all of a sudden be called into full service. If your shop faces these scenarios from time to time then we have the solution, the Marktech Medic-Check program. 

We have developed specific sets of function tests for the most popular types of shop equipment and we base these tests on our vast experience and training. Let us verify the function of your product, perform the key maintenance it requires and certify it as ready to use in those times before it may be needed day in and day out.

We will do all of this for set flat rates so you know what your expenses will be up front* and we will also provide to you verbal and or written reports as to the state of your equipment. Have the piece of mind knowing that your machine will be ready for use when you need it the most, contact us today to book a Marktech Medic-Check.

*any parts or extra service needed is not included in the Medic-Check unless otherwise stated.

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